Generation after generation in Spain have worshipped at the feet of failed religion, failed political systems and failed humanism. Today, God is opening doors for Light Madrid to be:



The Gospel is central to every interaction, every expression and every effort for this endeavor.



Light Madrid will be a loud church in every aspect of the word. Loud about the truth and loud in the way we worship—bold and unashamed. 




We must take the  first step, calculated in our actions and direct in our approach.




Our outreach efforts will be aimed at creating culture, not be shaped by it.




Leveraging opportunities drawn from everyday life, we will preach a message that is applicable in routine experiences.


Core Values

We teach and boldly model how God’s design is better in every relationship in life, starting with a personal relationship with Him.

We believe God’s Word is the indispensable source for understanding His design for us.

We take the initiative to speak creatively and relevantly into our surrounding culture while passionately loving those in our community.

We lead with excellence so others can also lead in their own contexts.

Most importantly, we do all this to have every opportunity to verbalize the Good News of Jesus Christ.