Spain is a nation of contrasts. Highly traditional religion meets postmodern relativism. Centuries of closed history meet modern Europe. Bright hope meets stoic apathy.

Madrid is an urban jungle that 6.5 million people call home. Located high above the dry, arid mesetas of central Spain, it is the epicenter of power over the rest of the country. Politics,  finance, sport, culture, art, language and the heartbeat of a nation flow from this city. It possesses an ability to influence not only its citizens through cultural definition, but it is the gateway to four major areas of the world — as the door to Europe, Madrid is a hub for African, Middle Eastern and Latin American immigrants.

Yet in this city only 0.5% of the population know Jesus as their personal savior.

The influence this city has is tremendous. It is time to bring it captive to the feet of Jesus. God’s moving in this city is an amazing opportunity to reach Spain, Europe and the World.

Will you join us in praying for this city?